Why New Zealand Women Need to Talk More About Masturbation

‘Masturbation is so natural there is research that suggests babies do it in the womb. It’s something, as the joke goes, that 95 percent of men admit to doing and the rest lie about. So why isn’t it the same for women? Why don’t we talk about it as much as men? And why should we?’

You’ll see that I’ve contributed to this great article on why NZ women need to talk more about masturbation.

‘Horrifyingly, Horvath told me that “the vagina can atrophy if not used”. The nerves in the clitoris and vagina need, as do all nerves, stimulation and touch to grow and maintain. This also means that the less, and later, women begin to masturbate, the harder it will be to reach the desired goal—the equipment is simply rusty.’

Do you have open discussions with your partner or friends about masturbation?

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