Specialist therapy for relationship and sexuality issues

Expert counselling for sexual and intimacy concerns for individuals and couples

“Edit was very understanding and helped to understand the nature of the issues. This helped to solve them very quickly. I would definitely recommend her!”– D. N. 2018

Hi there, I am Edit, a Sex Therapist based in Auckland.

Sex and sexuality plays a major role in our lives but many of us struggle to talk about it. If only we had someone to talk to, that we could trust, who wouldn’t judge and could help us through our issues. Well … that’s what I’m here for!

I love helping people to develop skills to address their sexual and relationship issues, as well as ways to maintain a healthy sexuality. So if you need someone to talk to about your sexual or relationship issues, give me a call.

What is Sex Therapy?“, I hear you ask. Click here to find out more.

Sex Therapy for Individuals and Couples

My sex therapist services are for individuals and couples with intimacy and sexuality concerns.

A wide range of professionals also refer their patients to me as a complement to traditional medical treatment to help when illnesses may impact on sexuality. This has lead to a specialty in working with people who have had or are going through treatment for breast and prostate cancers.

Sexuality Specialist & Consultant

For organisations with vulnerable individuals and groups

My unique combination of organisational psychology and sex therapy enables me to assist organisations with effective staff training, practical policy and guidelines for dealing with sexuality, sexual behaviours and intimacy in the workplace.

My mission is to help all my clients through enhancing communication, relationships, intimacy and sexuality.

I am inclusive and I do not discriminate regardless of age, race, cultural background, religion, sexual orientation, gender or disability. My clients’ privacy is respected at all times.

I see clients (individuals and couples) in person in Remuera, Auckland. I also utilise Zoom, which are pre-booked and paid.

At all times I provide:

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“We were having issues in regard to low sex frequency and an increasing frustration about it. On top of that we were a bit reluctant to go to sex therapy.
Edit made us feel very comfortable discussing our situation and gave us good advice. But most importantly, we noticed the positive change right away. We only attended 2 sessions in total. Totally worth it and recommended. (Thanks a lot, Edit!)”

~ C & F, Auckland 2021


“Edit quickly made me feel comfortable to talk to her. She was professional and empathetic.

What I liked most about our consultation is that it was positive and constructive, at a time that I wasn’t feeling this way inclined. I now have a renewed perspective and excitement for my relationship again.”

~ S. R. 2018